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About project

About project

A group of local residents went out amongst the demonstrators of the G20 summit in Hamburg and water cannons to collect water – and this water will now be auctioned for a good cause. The auction ends on Tuesday, the 6.2. 2018, 6p.m.

How it all started: hardly anyone heard about the discussions conducted, or solutions found, at the G20 summit. During those turbulent few days, which were marked by clashes between demonstrators and the police, the issues discussed by the G20 faded into the background – at least as far as the media were concerned.

A group of Hamburg residents were disappointed by this, and without further ado, decided to launch the “H20 Project” in order to shift the focus (at least in a small way) back to one of the topics discussed: Africa.

After all, the continent has been hit hard by climate change, with droughts and failed harvests in Somalia, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Sudan, South Sudan, Uganda, Kenya and – right at the moment – South Africa causing both famine and social unrest.

Whilst nothing new, water scarcity is another fundamental problem in Africa.

This is where ‘H2O of G20’ comes in.

Plenty of water was used in Hamburg during the G20 summit. The police repeatedly used water cannons against the demonstrators – water that could save lives in other parts of the world. This gave rise to the idea of collecting water fired through cannons during the G20 and using it in the fight against thirst in Africa.

With this in mind, the group set off on Friday 7 July with their baby paddling pools to collect water amidst the demonstrators and water cannons: water cannon water. As a result, six litres of genuine water cannon water of the G20 summit were collected during the volatile street battles: H2O of G20.

The first step had been taken. In the months that followed, the water was used to create a small, ten-part work of art documenting the contemporary history; each individual artwork will now be auctioned for a good cause, with the proceeds going to the Hamburg-based charity Viva con Agua to support its well-building work in Ethiopia.

The water bottles: Following the G20, ten glass bottles were designed, each one unique. The project initiators, both of whom work for a Hamburg-based ad agency, got artists of all kinds on board – from an illustrator and a street artist through to a graphic novel artist, a ‘positive mental attitude’ artist and a tattoo artist. Nine of them live in Hamburg, one in Nepal. All ten artists have a personal connection to the G20 and worked on the project pro bono. What makes the individual artworks so special is that they merge to create an overall work of art – a joint statement for solidarity with Africa – when lined up next to each other.

All for a good cause: whilst the water cannon water is not drinkable, it will now help to fund drinking water in Ethiopia due to its use as an artwork, collector’s item and witness to events. All the money raised will go to Viva con Agua to support its well-building work in Ethiopia.


The motto of Viva con Agua is also reflected in the “H20 project”.


The artists

artist Bottle 1/10: Henning Weskamp – more appropriately known as DJ Hein Boogie in St.Pauli, is one of three graphic designers at Typeholics.

Born and raised in Hamburg, Henning has been a constant visitor of St.Pauli‘s football stadium „Millerntor“ since the Eighties. From the very beginning he has also been supporting Viva Con Aqua as an Designer, DJ, midfielder, beer cup dispenser and now once again as an Illustrator. Walk on!

“I support Viva con Aqua wherever possible and I love illustrating the bottles. The quoted illustration was hanging in my parents‘ house. For rme it‘s a symbol for the courage and the duty to revolt against injustice – yesterday, today and tomorrow. The illustration sketches a heroic, elegant and in my view accurate counter-caricature of the common G20 image mainly spread by the media.“

artist Bottle 2/10: Nils Kasiske was born in 1978 in Hamburg, thus an original „Hamburger Jung“. He studied literature and media. Together with artist Timo von Eicken he led “Spielplatz3000“, an illustration studio, for five years. Since 2016 he publishes under the name of “StudioTopic“.

Lately his sculptures and installations were shown at “Feinkunst Krüger“ and “Affenfaust Gallerie.“ He has just been to Uganda and last year visited Nepal, both together with Viva Con Aqua. Since 2015 he is part of the “Yalla Kartoum“ collective in the Sudan.

“The G20 summit in Hamburg was a grotesque as well as cynical fuss. Which this project is somehow too. Both are only ‘somehow‘ about Africa and actually about something else. That’s what I liked about the idea.“

artist Bottle 3/10: Stefan Mosebach studied communcation design at “Folkwang Universität der Künste“. It was during his studies that his passion for illustration became apparent. After working many years as an art director, conceptionist and strategist in several ad and design agencies, he finally turned his passion into a career: And now he is a freelance illustrator. During his whole artistic career he exhibited regularly. His regular gallery: “Gallery Gudberg Nerger“

“Viva con Aqua is awesome. Good idea. I’m in.“

artist Bottle 4/10: Darko Caramello Nikolic.

In formal design he is influenced by Urban Art as well as by suprematism.

His work is of a conceptual nature and of abstract character. Inspired by patterns and structures of all kind and of all places. Contentwise, Darko likes to orient himself with philosophical questions of the Enlightenment. To ask those questions once more in form of a new art piece for him is an exciting way to find answers and to develop his very own aesthetics.

artist Bottle 5/10: Julia Ulmer.

Born in Vienna, Austria, Julia studied at „Universität für angewandte Kunst“ in its masterclass for advertisement and design. In 2000 she moved to Hanseatic City of Hamburg, where she is working as creative director and freelance artist up to now. Next to several priced ad pieces Julia was featured on Lürzer’s 200 Best Illustrators Worldwide twice. Moreover together with Jung von Matt (JvM) she has illustrated and designed the books “Stimmen aus dem Aquarium.“ Also JvM-CI‘s illustrative part, cleary bears the hallmarks of Julia.

artist Bottle 6/10: Moritz Stetter, original Swabian living in Hamburg a long time, is a freelance comic artist, illustrator and portrait draughtsman. Lately he also leads comic-workshops. Wether unusual biographies or a very own interpretation of Kafka’s “The Judgement“: Moritz Stetters influences are multi-faceted. It’s no wonder that by now Moritz is also working part-time in Hamburgs nightlife and of course while there, records the hustle and bustle on paper too.

“The idea to make good water out of bad water is just so damn obvious that I wanted to be part of it right away.

I dedicate my illustration to the big majority of all those peaceful demonstrating beautiful people, who at some point should no longer play a big role. Simply there was no more space for bashing policemen and rioting tourists („Krawalltouristen“), to whom our city was fed to. However, space has been given to them way too much before anyway.“

artist Bottle 7/10: angry_koala is an artist-duo from Hamburg City. The two streetartists have been active sind 1982. Their style: PMAA – Positive Mental Attitude Art. Their goal: To animate people to smile and to think. Whether on canvas or on posters, by stickers, graffiti or illustrations: angry_koala tries everything to make the world a bit sweeter and more colorful place. Keep it real!

„Water iz life. Life iz beautiful.

Koalarizzle 4 life. Peace.“

artist Bottle 8/10: Nancy Spadetattoo simply can do it all: Starting her career as a retail salesperson she later became a nursery school teacher and even later tour manager for several bands. 8 years ago her partner Moe brought her into the tattooing business. Her own studio – Spadetattoo – is found in the heart of Hamburgs trendy district Schanze. As if that were not enough, Nancy is also working as an alternative-model. And just now as an illustrator too.

“Water for EVERYBODY. Whether animal or human being; whatever their skin colour or religion etc. is. We need this planet and this planet needs water!“

artist Bottle 9/10: Cathrin Hoffmann is a freelance artist from Hamburg and cultivates the grotesque. Fearless she tears off the insulating wallpaper in front of our inner eye and turns up the filter until the auto correction explodes. Within the fragments of this leftover reality blossoms a humorous and above all more human parallel dimension. Cathrin Hoffmann's art is not a vain pursuit of artistic mastery. It is first of all a striking projection surface. Therefore she does not bind herself to one specific technique or medium – her world takes place everywhere.

„When again the water spitting monsters were worming their ways through our streets while the G20 demonstrations, I imagined throwing myself at one of those bucking monstrosities and taming it. Strangely enough the background music in my head was playing BeeGees – Bull riding and staying alive.“

artist Bottle 10/10: Aditya Aryal aka Sadhu X is said to be the most influential street artist of Nepal, according to the New York Times. The artist from Katmandu tests different perspectives for diverse and often subtle realities. For a long time now, Aditya is no longer limited to the walls of his home – canvasses and found objects are also part of his art. His art, which is by now exhibit all over the world: from New York to London to Hamburg.

The supporters

Millerntor Gallery is an international art, music and culture festival initiated by Viva con Agua and FC St. Pauli – and the first not-for-profit art gallery in a Bundesliga stadium.

For five days a year, it aims to inspire visitors to more social engagement using the universal languages of art, music and football. Through artworks that transcend genre, as well as music, cultural and educational programmes, the Gallery explores the question of how the world can be changed for the better.

Countless artworks from Germany and elsewhere are sold during the five-day event, with the proceeds of the sales going to Viva con Agua e.V.

soulbottles makes it easy to act sustainably! Its products are not only good news for the planet, but for all those who live on it. They are superbly designed and symbolise a responsible attitude towards our most valuable resource: water.

One euro from the sale of each bottle goes to drinking water projects, whilst the bottles themselves are produced on a climate-neutral basis in Berlin and are 100% free from plastic and harmful substances.

What’s more, soulbottles was one of the first 100 companies in Germany to be awarded B Corp certification. All aspects of the company are audited as part of the certification process, from leadership and environmental compatibility through to social impact.

Photography: Many thanks to our amazing photographer Christian Lohfink who volunteered to shoot the bottles.

Water Cannon Water for Africa

100% water cannon water of the g20 summit in hamburg. bottled to help. not to consume.

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